R/evolutionary R/elating:

Creating Conscious Connection

I know you…You’re hungry for deep, soulful connection…
with your loved ones, and with your self… right?

You yearn for truly transformational intimacy…

You want to learn the art of creating more love,
aliveness, and conscious community in your life…


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* * *

Let’s face it: We all yearn to give and receive love. We want richer relationships, deeper friendships, more closeness and community in our lives. We may sometimes even notice… in quiet moments… that we’re dogged by a nagging sense of loneliness, separateness.

And yet, when we look closely, we find that we, ourselves, are sabotaging the connection we want — with our own defensive conditioning, our old patterns of fear, dependency, and blame…
We find that we are hiding from each other, fighting with each other.

How are we to drop this old, rusty armor so that we may, at last, see each other clearly… hold each other closely?

I want to share with you a way I’ve learned to do just that.
I want to help you, as I have many others all over the world, to:

– Heal close relationships, with full-body forgiveness

– Let go of shame, fear, attachment to approval

– Open-heartedly share yourself and support others to do so

– Be completely and compassionately honest

– Go beyond blame and use conflict creatively

– Ask for everything you want,
expanding your ability to give & receive

– Create deeper love, connection & intimacy.


My name is Taber, and I’ve spent most of my life learning the subtle art of creating connection, and teaching that art to others. I didn’t start down this path just for the fun of it… Like most of us, I suffered (sometimes intensely!) from both of the major forms of interpersonal disconnection: loneliness and relationship conflict. And I experienced the pain of feeling disconnected from myself.

I felt alone, longing for love and friendship. Other times, I was smack dab in the middle o’ relationship HELL, saying: “get me outta here!” Ironically, some of my loneliest times were right in the bosom of my family, friendships, or love relationship. Ya feel me?

I had to learn the hard way that my primary problem was *not* failure to find the right person or people… that the common denominator in all these situations was… ME! – And I would have to change…

So I did. Years living in a Zen center; countless intensive, silent meditation retreats; an M.A. in psychology and post-grad professional trainings; dreamwork, therapy, workshops; apprenticing with powerful mentors (including Scott Peck’s Foundation for Community Encouragement and being certified by Dr. Brad Blanton as the world’s only Master Trainer of Radical Honesty); studying closely with various spiritual teachers; and untold hours of time in the trenches of working with the challenges and ecstasy of my own intimate relationships.


Eventually… I got to really know and love my own insides — the light and the dark — and learned to open-heartedly share myself with others… to create deep, soulful connection… within and without… and I became passionately committed to helping others do likewise…

I learned and developed a new way of being, with myself and with others. A new way of speaking and listening; an interpersonal, out loud meditation; a 21st century spiritual art form.

I call it “R/evolutionary R/elating”. It leads to what I call a Radical Intimacy… with others, with your own insides, with Life itself. I’ve used this art to create beautiful results in my life, and I want the same for you! I’ve been teaching this work all over the world, in about 50 cities, in a dozen countries, on 4 continents… and now I’m bringing back home to The Bay!… Please join me and our growing conscious community, our Truth tribe, our Love coven, in realizing this new transformational way of being together and creating deep connection.


I warmly invite to join us April 28th-30th, for our next workshop.
Or April 28th-May 5th, for the full Deep Dive Retreat!

I’ll give you powerful, life-changing ideas, tools, and experiences…

You’ll learn practices that you can use to deepen all your relationships, by transforming yourself from the inside out.

Friday night we start with an evening workshop I call…


– How & why we hide from each other,
thus blocking the connection we crave.

– Why & how we get lost in our minds,
thus losing touch with reality and each other.

– The main cause of all unproductive conflict…
and how to solve it!

Saturday & Sunday we’ll dive deeper into…


Every workshop is different (depending on who’s in the room and how the spirit is moving), but we’ll work with:

– The real source of suffering – internally, and in relationships.

– True meditation & how to make all of life, especially all the
pitfalls potential of intimacy into a powerful meditation.

– How people usually (mis)use conversation to resist life, create more suffering, and stay asleep, unconscious.

– Recovering from our addiction to Dialogs of Distraction..

– The 3 N’s of Conscious Conversation.

– The 3 Languages of R/evolutionary R/elating,
and when and how to use them.

– Letting go of our painful attempts to control (ourselves & others).

– Moving beyond all blame (of ourselves & others),
beyond “good” and “evil”.

– Achieving actual acceptance and full-body forgiveness
(of ourselves & others).

– Learning to truly Love (ourselves & others).

– Learning the Art of Asking for what you want…
and offering freely… the healing and nourishing
practice of giving & receiving…

I will teach, coach, and facilitate transformational conversation…
You will do exercises & practice R/evolutionary R/elating…
with each other… in real time…

And for the hardcore folks, continue on… Mon-Fri… for
the full week-long retreat… the full immersion into…


– Daily movement & meditation practices.

– Understanding, loving, & liberating your emotions.

– Reinhabiting, befriending, & transmuting your body.

– Interpersonal, out-loud meditation & transformational intimacy.

– How to clean up your karma & emotional unfinished business:
complete the past, live in the present, & create your future.

– Co-creating Conscious Community.

– Intuition, Inspired Creativity, & Living your Soul Purpose.


––– WHEN? –––

Friday evening 7–10pm
Saturday 10am–7pm
Sunday 10am–5pm

IMPORTANT: You may attend Friday without attending Sat/Sun,
but unless prior arrangements have been made
you must attend Friday to do the weekend.

WEEKLONG RETREAT: April 28th-May 5th,
residential & non-residential options.
For more info: Taber at 510 323-3337

––– WHERE? –––

Church of Soul, Oakland (1 block from West Oakland BART)

––– HOW MUCH? –––

The workshop is offered on a by-donation, gift economy basis…
(which in no way reflects upon the huge value of the offering,
but rather is an expression of my passion for sharing,
my commitment to being accessible, and my deep
desire to create reciprocally reinforcing
cycles of mutual generosity) ♥ 🙂

I teach these workshops all over the world…
(will do so all over Europe this summer)
Depending on the country, the market,
we charge anywhere from $300-525.
My longer retreats typically cost $2,700.

Suggested donation for the weekend workshop is $200-600.
Suggested donation for the week-long retreat is $900-2,500.

If you think you can’t afford that, please get in touch before you
register, at: 510 323-3337, and we’ll try to work something out
(Some limited work-study scholarships are available).

All Donations are tax deductible.


If you want to join us, register now through this link:


Soon after registering, you’ll receive an email with further info.

Important: SIGN UP SOON – last time we had a big response and the number of participants is limited, so please make sure you register through the link above.

RSVPing through Facebook does not reserve your spot.

––– QUESTIONS? –––

If you have any questions about the content of the workshop,
feel free to call me. Taber, at: 510 323-3337

For any practical or logistical questions, please contact
Manal: 858 243-3448 or manal@churchofsoul.org

This journey of learning to love is a grand adventure, is it not?
Sometimes a little daunting, sometimes a little lonesome…
Will you allow me to lend you a hand?
Hoping to meet you soon…



“I have experienced many excellent workshop leaders, and Taber is among the very best. I loved how clearly he explained and demonstrated deep spiritual and psychological principles in his teaching. He is the therapist that I, personally, turn to in need.”
– Susan Campbell, Ph.D. psychologist, speaker, workshop leader, author of Getting Real, The Couples Journey, and many other titles

“Taber’s a brilliant facilitator. Working with him has enriched and deepened the love in all of my relationships. He’s been a guiding light through the shadow side.”
– Josh Brockmann, Sales & Marketing, Financial Circles

“In a world of carefully manicured spiritual teachers, Taber is refreshingly real and human. He brings a depth of presence to each moment, standing with others in their vulnerability, beckoning us to embrace still more of our being. I have seen him ride the waves of fierce storms without shrinking. He has touched me in my most vulnerable places and helped mediate relationship challenges. His empath radar dissolves the illusions in which we wrap ourselves, thus enabling him to lead groups into much more intimate zones. I am grateful to have Taber as a friend and a comrade in the quest for authentic realization. I wholeheartedly recommend working with him”
– Stephen Dinan, Founder-Director of the Shift Network, and author of Radical Spirit: Spiritual Writings from the Voices of Tomorrow

“Taber is uniquely gifted . He has an honest, and compassionate way of communicating–with friends, clients, and workshop participants alike. Words can’t express how strongly I recommend his work. Because he has spent decades cultivating a compassionate understanding of himself and other people, he brings to any interaction an almost uncanny ability to read minds, hearts, feelings–and to support people in expressing themselves authentically, clearing all kinds of misunderstanding. People discover their own hidden treasures of warmth, passion, and forgiveness; all this while speaking vulnerably and openly himself. To connect with Taber is to experience yourself more fully and deeply. I think he’s one of the best therapist-communication guru-shaman-types on this planet.”
– Grace Llewellyn, author of the Teenage Liberation Handbook, and Guerilla Learning, Founder and Director of Not Back to School Camp

“Taber skillfully guided even the most resistant among us to a place of openness and healing…Most of all I was left with a strong conviction that I don’t have to keep on waiting for my life to turn out one way or another…that it’s wonderful the way it is right NOW.”
– Joe Tavormina, Director of Real Estate with Prandium Inc.